Instant Users and Payments

Authic's hosted or embeddable screens are the fastest way to add users and recurring payments functionality to your web app

Rabbit Speedy Setup

Configure Authic and install our library and you are good to go

Credit Payments Are Easy

Input your payment provider details and we will do the rest

Setup Highly Configurable

Tons of options ensure our screens look and work how you want

Share Social Sign in

Setup your Oauth keys and social sign in is instantly enabled

Get started with Authic in 3 simple steps:

1) Setup your Authic service

To get going fast sign up to Authic and give us some basic details like application name, subdomain and URLs.

There is tons of optional setup like configuring social signin with Facebook and Twitter, configurable integration with payment providers for one off payments and subscription services, look and feel customisation, setting up beta codes and more. You can come back to this later if you like


2) Install an Authic library

The best way to get going as quick as possible is to use one of our integration libraries.

Follow the installation instructions then set your Authic credentials and your application is ready to start authenticating with Authic

3) Embed an Authic screen or use our hosted screens

Choose how you want to make use of your Authic service by either embedding a screen as shown here or redirecting your users to our hosted screens when you want them to sign in or sign up .

All that's left now is to visit the admin console and use the look and feel tab to style your screens and check out all the features you can switch on like payments and social sign in!


Questions? Call 1800 764 334 or write to