Integration With Twitter Authentication

Authic allows your users to log into your application using their Twitter accounts. To enable this functionality you need to create a Twitter App.

  1. Because your Twitter Client requires information from your Authic Client Application it is best to setup your Authic Client Application before setting up your Twitter application.
  2. A Twitter Account
  1. Visit the Twitter Developers page and login using the Twitter Account that you want to manage the Twitter App. We recommend the use of a Twitter account associated with your web application / business. Twitter Developers page
  2. Hover over your user avatar/name in the top right to reveal a menu.
  3. Click the My Applications menu item.
  4. You will now be on the My applications screen.
  5. Click the Create a new application button. Click the create app button
  6. Enter the App Name. For consistancy we recommend using the same name used to create your Authic client app. Create New App form
  7. In the Callback URL field enter https://[subdomain] in the Site URL field, where [subdomain] is the subdomain you chose when setting up your Authic Client Application.
  8. Click the Create your Twitter application button. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Developer Rules Of the Road agreement document.
  9. Now you can add an icon and organization name on the application Settings tab.

:-) You have now created your Twitter App. Not too shabby... Leave this browser tab open as you need to copy details from this page into your Authic Client Application as described below.

  1. Visit your Authic Client Applications here. API Access details
  2. Click on the application's name to edit the application.
  3. Click on the Social Connect tab Social Connect Twitter
  4. Switch browser windows to the Twitter App details page. Look for the OAuth Settings section on the Details tab where you will find the Twitter application's key/secret pair. Twitter App Settings
  5. Copy the Consumer Key to the Authic Social Conect's Twitter App Id field.
  6. Copy the Consumer Secret from the Twitter App settings into the Authic Twitter Secret field. Social Connect Twitter
  7. Click the Save button.

That's it! Now your users can login to your application using their Twitter accounts. Try logging in yourself to see that everything is A-Ok.